Getting an exception when trying to convert a Lead into an Company and Opportunity

Hi @jfortun , there was a constraint set in the company module unique values tab for prevent duplicate entries getting added to company module, to stop duplicating the company name field. I removed that constraint in there and the issue fixed. For companies getting duplicating we did a work around in the relevant workflow to stop converting if the company is duplicating and prompt a message there with adding a function and a gateway and a prompt to the existing workflow.
This was the query added to check the company whether it is existing in the function added it’s query property.
“AccountName LIKE '%”+record.values.Company+“%'”

Below is the condition added in the Gateway for checking the duplicate records to go the if condition,


totalDuplicateRecords is the variable name given in the function before this in the Results section result total’s target.

Workflow for do the changes is ,
CRM - Lead - To Account and Opportunity

Like this you have to bypass the flow,