Is this buildable with Corteza?

I have a project in mind and I’m looking for any solution to build it. Today I try low code dev.
So here are my needs, as simple as I can do it. And I want to know if it’s possible to use Corteza to build it. It’s an inventory system.

  • 3 modules for parts (3 types of parts)
  • 1 module for bundles (containing parts)
    But… parts have to be linked by a common field in a matter of compatibility between them.
    When I create a bundle, right after adding a part, the other fields of others parts should be filtered by this “compatibility field”. Also, a part yet selected in a bundle shouldn’t be available anymore in the selection list.
    In the same way, a status of a part should change the status of availability of a bundle : aka populate changes across modules.
    If I can’t build these features, It’s not the right tool to build my app.

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hi @vguenichon,

Welcome to Corteza!

If I understand your case correctly, you’re looking for what we call “conditional fields” internally. Unfortunately, this is not yet supported, but we’re getting more and more requests for this, so it looks like we’ll have to tackle it soon. No clear timeline yet, though.

Cheers, Mia


hey @mia.arh ,
one more request from my side too, I had to build custom forms for such a scenario

also, I would like to know where we can request features or enhancement
do you share some kind of pipeline publicly?


hey @mia.arh, do you have a time line for this feature?

Which feature? Lenny already answered in regards to conditional fields Record page - fields control

@tjerman yes, you’re right