Issues trying to build out the webapp-compose repo

I’m currently working on trying to build out this repository.

Pulling the current branch and running “npm run build” throws “TypeError: this.getOptions”

Researching this implies it’s some issue with node-sass and maybe webpack? and version compatibilities.

Tried a few different versions and branches and haven’t gotten around this. Any suggestions as to something I could be missing?


Can you make sure you have the latest version? @jfortun was doodling around with node saas and ran into a few issues a few days back so it might be possible that you got the broken version.

Additionally, use yarn instead of npm; does that resolve it?

If you’re just planning on using Corteza you can use our pre-built Docker containers, or you can download the already built sources from here

Could you tell us the node version you’re using?
I can build the webapp successfully with node v14 and latest yarn version.

As @tjerman pointed out, try to use yarn instead of npm just in case.

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Alright after downgrading to node I was getting issues about

" cannot find module ‘@vue/cli-plugin-babel/preset’ "

I followed the steps here and made the following change to the babel.config


I now have it building, unsure of the impact of this config change as of yet.

Thanks for the help!

With these versions:
Node: 14.8.3
Yarn: 1.22.17

A forked repository of Corteza-js:

In a Docker Dev Environment(because I was having yarn issues locally), I come back to this spot where this.GetOptions() is not a function.

I see that error comes from /src/themes/corteza-base/variables.scss, which is not present in corteza-js.
So the error must come from something else you’re trying to build, like a webapp or corteza-vue

@jfortun Found out this was an issue with the yarn.lock file. We had cleared this out at one point which messed with the build. The issue we’re have now is in the dev environment setup. We followed the changes mentioned here: How to create/add a new UI blocks and built out a custom UI block. This required the modification of the corteza-js project. We’re not totally clear on how to properly include this in the build of the compose repo now.

Any insights on how your development environment is configured when doing these modifications requiring multiple projects?

In our case its quite simple since we just make changes to corteza-js, then release the package. And update the webapp versions of the package.

You could either release your modified version of the package for your purposes.
Or just link it to the webapps locally and build them out one by one.

Hopefully this helps