1 to Many records & Hide unowned records feature


I would like to implement the following type of records list/ table.

I want to create a 1 to many records relationship but then when the record is pulled by another records field the process should be like this: first it should ask the name of the record holder that needs to be chosen before the record itself can be chosen.

As an example of this:
There are 2 companies selling the same product but the one has a different color/attribute or price than the other but both products should be available to be ordered based on which company is chosen.

Then lastly each company should only be able to add records and edit records that have been owned and created by them earlier and they should not see or edit other records not owned by them.

Is this possible with Corteza, I used to use “Appgini” and they have this features see this post:


If this is, please can you provide a tutorial/ guide or just point me into the right direction in order to implement these two features

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There isn’t anything to ask for a prompt when the data is being fetched (...when the record is pulled by another records field...) so you would need to do that assignment before that. You can use a prefilter on the record field to filter out the records with no assignments.

You can use contextual roles to dynamically prevent access to records (preventing access to records not owned by another company).
If security isn’t a concern here, you can also consider using prefilters on the record list page block, but I would advise against it – prefilters are simply appended to the HTTP request and can be removed if the user knows a few tricks.

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