Add record page shows up under modal

When a record/page is open as a modal, and that page shows a record list, when I click on ‘Add’ that new page shows up under the modal. Is there something I can do to make that ‘new record’ page show up as a new tab? I do not experience that when the first page is not a modal. It correctly opens the ‘new record’ page in a new tab.

Steps to reproduce:

  • You need two modules, A and B
  • Module A - Create a page with a record list block, to open Module A records, where the records open in a modal when selected
  • The page for those records, Module A, should also contain a record list block to show Module B records. Configure the block - ‘On record click’ and ‘On record selector click’ = Open record in a new tab
  • When looking at a record, that is opened in a modal, click ‘Add’ to create a new record. That new record page shows up behind the modal

Thank you.

Version: 2023.3.4

Nevermind - I see this was fixed in 2023.3.5