Add shortcut to add Record on 'Record Selector' field type

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Recently I felt the necessity to have a “+” (plus) icon near the field ‘record selector’ - for example: when selecting an account on a new Contract - if the account doesn’t exist, we need to navigate to “Account” to create a record, then navigate again to “Contract” to create a new one, and now yes, select the Account.

Is there a way to add a shortcut near the field so the user can create it on the current page when there are no records on the selector field? For example, an iframe to add a record on the “Account” without exiting the “New Contract” page?

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@jfortun didn’t we discuss this already?

Is there any news about this? :slight_smile:


Missed this apparently, adding a gh issue. Should be quick to add
We should make it configurable tho

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