Add some automation within a namespace

Question on messaging by liamholland2007, on 30/10/20: I am trying to add some automation within a namespace. However the only automation options i can find in the admin section purely list any automation. The documentation doesn’t seem to give any information on where i must include any scripts and how to load them etc. Can someone point me in the right direction on adding automation.
Thanks in advance

Hey, @liamholland2007 this is under the “Integrator guide” of the documentation (Integrator Guide :: Corteza Docs). I am planning to expand on this section a bit further in the near future (to make it a bit cleaner and more detailed). This is a quick outline of how an automation script is added:

  • define a new Docker volume that will contain the newly created automation scripts (under the corredorvolumes in the docker-compose.yaml).
  • define a new node.js project with the appropriate file structure (see the TL;DR of the linked docs),
  • define scripts and their internals, as you see fit,
  • transport the automation scripts to the above-mentioned volume (if it’s on a server you can use git, rsync, scp, …)
  • do a quick restart (docker-compose restart).