AddCookie for use in another application

If I wanted to create a cookie for use in another application where in Corteza Server would I do that?
I have an external application that I need to I need to authenticate with and the best way to do this is to create a cookie I can share with my other application (I cant use other authentication mechanisms due to the nature of the application :frowning: ). I tried using AddCooke() in handle_login.go but I never see the cookie being issued by the browser. My only guess is that this is the wrong stack to add a cookie in OR cookies are being removed somewhere else in the code.

Depending on your setup you might have some issues here (mainly domains/subdomains) so make sure your cookie is configured correctly.

What is the application you’re using here? It sounds a bit odd to me.

Perhaps you could try using client credentials grant type, or generating the JWT manually and then providing it to your other application.