Adding message to existing email


I want to append the message for a email made by the function “Email builder”.

I want to send only one email with a table of values obtained of a record using the html portion of the email. To create the table, I used and in the message. I can iterate through the record but could not create a table with the iterated values, only send multiple emails per iteration. I tried to add the record values into an array first, but I still needed to iterate through the array to add rows to the table.

Is there a solution or workaround to this problem? Thank you very much!

I don’t really know what the issue here is so could you please elaborate a bit further?
Are you getting any errors?
Can you show us your template and the workflow in question?

I did a quick test locally and it worked as expected; see my gist

Anyway; you technically could concatenate templates together but only if the smaller template you’re trying to add produces plain text – the templating engine escapes HTML when interpolated.
You can take a look at this gist

Alternatively, the better option is to have one big template (with partial templates) to produce what you need to produce.
See my first gist (this one).

You can use workflows to do the majority of the heavy lifting in regards to data preparation and then the template to piece together the contents.