Any ideas on how to create segments?

If for example in a CRM I would like to create a segment for a specific set of clients

eg revenue > 10k

Any ideas on how to how to setup a (dynamic?) segment, so the segment is configurable and if a client is updated is automatically added to that segment?

Would prefilters do the trick? When configuring a record list you can define a filter which is applied as a base (in your case revenue > 10k)

Well yes for displaying lists

But i would also like to add a button for example ‘do task on this segment’ , or get a notification/trigger when a client is added/removed from segment, so i can act on it.

But iam struggeling with comming up with a dynamic setup.

Also related, would like to use more CDP (Customer Data platform) like functions, for example a segment where in the last few weeks > X hits on the platform.

I know i can add a field with hits_in_last_weeks but it’s a bit hard to maintain and add this dynamically / keep them up to date especially without joins.