Anyone installed production instance on AWS?

Hi I am trying to install on EC2 instance and was trying to follow the steps in the Youtube video. However the video is very vague and wanted to check if anyone has installed on EC2 instance and can share the steps ?

@dhaavu please go through these docs to see if you can manage to set it up.

@munawir if I recall correctly, you’re running Corteza on AWS, correct? Do you have some tips for this thread?

Hi @tjerman @dhaavu

yes, I do run my production on aws.
I use aws-Beanstalk for servers and RDS for DB
in short, do the following

  • Connect to your DB and create an empty database
  • use the docker-compse version of corteza and configure it using .env file
  • zip these two files and upload them to aws-Beanstalk

@dhaavu do let me know if you stuck on something … good luck

Thanks guys for helping. I finally got it working on AWS EC2 instance. The steps were same as shown in the youtube video - Only change I made is that I did not have a domain, however AWS EC2 will provide a public subdomain for each EC2 instance (Make sure you enable the EC2 instance for external access by adding the appropriate subnet). Just provide the AWS subdomain for the domain entry in your env file.

Only problem I am now facing is that I am not able to get the SSL / HTTPS url working. Chrome says that the credentials are scrambled. There is nothing in the logs and Chrome shows a HTTP 500 page. @munawir / @tjerman did you guys have this issue or would you know someone who has enabled SSL ?

Hey @dhaavu , first of all, congrats

it should work perfectly without HTTPS,
I would recommend buying a domain from Amazon itself and linking it to a loadbalancer. and you setup an SSL certificate on that loadbalancer. also redirect any HTTP request to HTTPS port.

all from Loadbalancer

@dhaavu @munawir do you guys think it would make sense to add a documentation page outlining this from start to finish? If so, would you be able to help me out and prepare something?

@tjerman that would be great, I’m meeting with my team two weeks from now to implement proper CI/CD for corteza … I can then share with you how we did it and environments, constraints … etc

@tjerman, I can surely add the steps I used on the page. However I still do not have the Secure channel working.