API Authentication

I am trying to create a JWT token to use with the API. I’ve read through this page:


I created an auth client, although I did not see the “impersonate user” option that was mentioned in the above link. I also do not know of a way to get my own user ID, which seems to be necessary.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Make sure you’ve selected the correct grant type (should be the second checkbox).
There seems to be a reactivity issue on that page, so you might need to save the client before the option appears.

You can get the ID from the user list; System > Users, click on the edit icon for the user and copy the long number in the URL bar (for example, this is me on my local Corteza 225052811816092784).

A little secret between us – we haven’t yet removed the CLI command to generate the JWT token for a user. You can use it if you’re too stuck CLI reference :: Corteza Docs

Thank you for the response!

I do have it set to the correct grant type, and I did save the client. I still do not see that option. I do not have full permissions as a corteza user, would this have something to do with not being able to see that option?

Also, my corteza url is constant and is just the base url for the corteza instance. No matter where I go in corteza, it does not change.

If you have enough permissions to be able to create new clients, you should be able to do that also. What is the exact version you are using? 2021.3.y? What are your user roles?

Because you’re accessing the web applications from within unify which encapsulates the applications in iframes. If you hover over the app in the app selector, you will see an “open in new tab” icon in the top right corner. That will open it as a new browser tab if you prefer.

The version is 2021.3.2

I just have a dev role attached to my user currently. I am not sure what permissions have been added to that role.

Opening the app in a new tab worked, thanks a lot!

Below is what I see when editing the auth client:

This feature was added in 2021.3.4 (the latest patch version); here is the changelog 2021.3.3 and 2021.3.4 below it.
If you upgrade you should have it available.

I can now see that having one documentation version across all patch versions might cause confusion.
I’ll see what I can do to improve this; suggestions are welcome.

That makes sense, I’ll upgrade and let you know if I have any other issues.

Thanks a lot for all your help!