API - Delete not working with 200 code returned

I have started looking at the API with success in reading data from records for syncing to external datasources. I can’t seem to get the DELETE to work. I do get a 200 back from the request but the record isn’t deleted. Are there any examples of DELETE other than the swagger that exsists? Also is there a way to use external datasources directly?

Just to clarify this would be the body post for multiple records. I kludged my code to use the single delete which works but is very slow.

One of us will take a look at this. In the meantime, could you provide the request body in case there is some specific case?

Not at the moment. There might be support in the future, but don’t quote me on this.

Not at the moment (kinda). I will be cleaning up and adding additional API examples in the next few weeks. If you can share what you would like to see/what you think would be useful; that would be awesome.

The current set of examples is here but it is mostly outdated so it is not included in the released docs.