Assigning users as account owners: Import, CLI, YAML

I’m up against a time crunch, and need to assign users to accounts. I have tried to import with account owner fields ranging from email, to handle, to the ID from the users CLI result. None of these actually assign the account to the user on import.

At this point, I will need to import the accounts and then add the users later. I was told the CLI import can do this, but I have little experience importing a yaml file.

Does anyone have an example of the YAML format for importing, either all data in the initial import, so it assigns the user correctly, or after the initial import.

I was also thinking I could use some sort of query in SQL, but I’m not as familiar with that in a docker deployment.

Or best case, I’m just not importing the right field to get account owner to populate…

I’m happy to contribute what I’m learning to the documentation, just need a little hint to get me going.

Hi! I don’t know myself how this is done via CLI, but you could also use a workflow to batch assign users to records. If you need some more help with this, just let me know.

Hi @Lenny ,
Could you give me some insights for this workflow that you have built?