AuthClient "not allowed to delete this record"

Using an AuthClient I am unable to delete a record.
If I manually post it using my auth token from my browser session i get a 200 and everything works
If I use the auth token from my AuthClient I get message: “not allowed to delete this record”

GET/POST works just fine I can read and update a record with no issue. I just can’t delete one. Is there anything special you need to do when using an AuthClient to be able to delete a record?


Here is the response from my GET where is says canDeleteRecord: true

    "recordID": "356095979801382915",
    "moduleID": "355522792860418050",
    "revision": 3,
    "values": [
    "namespaceID": "355522388764393474",
    "ownedBy": "351917658397999107",
    "createdAt": "2023-09-23T14:15:44Z",
    "createdBy": "351917658397999107",
    "updatedAt": "2023-09-25T19:16:58Z",
    "updatedBy": "351917658397999107",
    "valueErrors": null,
    "canManageOwnerOnRecord": true,
    "canUpdateRecord": true,
    "canReadRecord": true,
    "canDeleteRecord": true,
    "canSearchRevisions": true,
    "canGrant": true
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here is the response from my DELETE

    "message": "not allowed to delete this record"

I’ve done some more testing and DELETE works with
grant type = client_credentials
but does not work with
grant type = authorization_code

I used the authenticated using the same account for both. I’m impersonating the same user in (client_credentials)

It appears that in build 2022.9 when posting a DELETE using grant type = authorization_code that the DELETE is not being allowed due to some back in logic.

Found issue and it was on my end :frowning:

Hey, could you post your solution. Im guessing you added a user to the “Impersonate user” selector?
Its helpful if anyone else encounters the same problem as you did