Automated counters

Hi all, I’m new on Corteza; I’m looking for counters in Corteza: I mean, an auto increment integer field. What I want is to give a default calculated value based on a counter to a field of a module. E.g.: in the module “instruments”, when a new record is created (and not when it is updated) I’d like to populate the field “instrument serial number” with result of the following pseudo code:
counter()+“/” strftime(now(), "%Y)
Does Corteza provide this functionality out of the box ? Or, if I have to develop it, could anyone point me to the right direction ? Corredor scripts ?
Thank you

Hi Marco, I trust you are well.

There is no such feature at the moment but this could be easily managed via a ‘settings’ module that contains the increment value, after the record is created, trigger a workflow to retrieve manipulate and save the value back to the DB.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: