Automatic case number

why doesn’t automatic case number assignment work?

or how to achieve this? “Each request has an automatically generated request number that starts with “ticket#” followed by a number. An example of an appeal number is ticket No. 20191025094353420.”

you can achieve this by using this expression in a field values expression of a text input :
"Ticket#" + strftime(new.createdAt, "%Y%m%d%H%M%S%b")

is it a bug or is there a bug in the documentation for version 2023.3?

well i have to know first what issue did you encounter after trying the expression ?

@jabepuwy is this one of our pre-built applications or was it custom built/modified?

@tjerman this is the latest docker image

That wasn’t my question.
Have you modified the CRN/Service Solution application that comes baked in? is this on a brand new application you’ve created.

No, I didn’t change anything.

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All right; then please create an issue on our GitHub repo