Automatic Record Selector field population

Question about automatically populating record fields spawned from another record page:

From the “Colby Ritter” Member record, I click to add a new Rank & Promotions record:

On the new Rank & Promotions record page, the Member field is automatically populated:

Why is this field automatically populating? I want to duplicate that functionality in another page, but I can’t figure out why this is happening in the first place; I was just taking it for granted until now…

This has been working consistently, until today, when I created a couple of new modules and tried to accomplish the same. How can I enable this?


This field is automatically populated because it’s a “record selector” field linked to the module you’re coming from & you are coming from record page (the member record page). Because Corteza can see that you came from a record page when adding a new record, and there is a relationship via the “record selector” field, it prefills that field for you. It’s a bit complex to explain, but I hope this is clear.

If you want to replicate this on another page, you must be on a record page with a list of related data. It should work by default like this, so please check if the “record selector” fields in your modules are set up correctly. If they are empty, like in the screenshot below, no values are prefilled.

It should be like this:

If it’s all set up correctly and still doesn’t work, could you share more info of how the relationship between modules is set up and which page you have the record list on?

In 2023.9.7 this will be extended, so you can manually pick the Parent field on the Record list.
This is only available on record pages (naturally), and when a field is selected, that record list will be filtered based on its value (fieldValue = ${recordID}). It will also prefill the value of the selected field when you add a new record through that record list.

In the previous versions you had to have “Link to parent” turned on, its at the bottom of the record list configurator (only on record pages)

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