Automation script didn't triggered as it should be

Hi there

I’m facing a strange issue here … as I started implementing my automation via server-scripts I have two scripts(let’s say A and B) that run every 10 minutes
on('interval').every('*/10 * * * *')

the issue is that only A would run!!
when I change the trigger of B to run every 15 minutes it runs correctly
when I see the server logs, I see that script B didn’t trigger by Corredor!

I wonder if I miss something here?

It should work as expected.
I’ve opened up a ticket for someone to look at it.

In the meantime, either use two different scripts with two different interval values, or a single script which invokes the two functions that should be executed.

@tjerman yeah that’s what I did, please do let me know if you want further information from my side

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@tjerman is there any update here