Automation scripts not detected

Hi everyone, I’m not using Docker for my Corteza deployment. I put the env path CORREDOR_EXT_SEARCH_PATHS to load the automation scripts and restarted the service but the Workflow app doesn’t detect it yet.

Can someone point me in the right direction on adding automation without using Docker?
(The database is a regular MySQL 8.x.x instance on AWS without Docker).

Many thanks.

I have just noticed that we need to enable the Corredor server as well. There’s no documentation about this atm.

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Thanks for posting the solution. And for letting us know this is not in the docs :slight_smile:

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The Corredor server is the “lower-level” approach to handling automation and is not the same thing as a Workflow.
Workflows are a visual approach to defining automation, where an automation script is just pure code.
The workflow app won’t show your registered automation scripts; they can be seen in the Admin area > automation > Corredor scripts.

As far as the documentation goes; I’ll make one of us add this, or feel free to open a PR (this file should do the trick – corteza-docs/index.adoc at 2021.3.x · cortezaproject/corteza-docs · GitHub)