Barrier to use without additional features

Trying to figure out if we should migrate to Corteza, likely the cloud from and Joget. Did a trial of cloud and have also lately been testing out my own docker env. The appeal of it being so open and customization friendly while having a pleasing UI and so far a good UX.

I’ve used and tried out so many CRM, Ticket/Case management, BPM and Workflow automation systems out there and many No Code / Low Code for more than 15 years. But I’m struggling with a few issues, some of which appear to be on purpose some maybe on a roadmap without a clear understanding of rough timeline and priority, i.e. a lot on next but is that all coming in next version or is it being split on a multi-year multiversion effort.

But some specific concerns / questions, all of which are possible in the current tools we use and required for us to make the switch:

  1. Docs state: The CRM and the Case Management do not share data.
    Why? I’m sure there are some use cases for it not to, but almost every system I’ve used, the need and desire was to share. And the flow is usually a potential user / sale is created in the CRM and end up in case management throughout the experience. i.e. a trial account may need to be created or extended or issues during the cycle that support folks need to be involved in.

  2. Using the low code part, created my own app

    a. create a field that’s a multi-select dropdown and a field that’s an email and a field that’s a string. When first value selected I wanted to have the email field domain part be prefilled with a specific value and when second value selected I wanted to have email field domain part be prefilled with another specific value (different domain suffix in this case) but found no way to have 1 field dynamically update a value of another field until save happens which is apparently when validation happens which is what I tried to hook in to using an expression as found no other way.

    b. conditional behavior seems to be missing. depending on a value selected, I need to display certain fields and certain blocks or hide certain fields and certain blocks

    c. on purpose restriction of accessing fields from only 1 module on the page? we usually break the fields up in to logical re-usable areas with other systems and pull them in to pages and blocks as needed.

    d. haven’t seen a way to embed a page of fields into another page of fields for re-usability?

    e. automatically trigger a workflow on save?

  3. I realize MariaDB isn’t officially supported, but there’s a lot of it out there as it was for a very long time the only alternative to MySQL and in my experience almost always has it worked as a drop-in replacement. So expecting that, I wasted a lot of time trying to get it working but couldn’t overcome an error when on new install it was trying to run the SQL script(s) to create everything complaining about an issue with the SQL syntax. Ended up using the suggested Percona but that’s not our approved at this time so beyond POC is going to be an issue for us if we don’t end up using the cloud option.


Hi and welcome to the community!
A bunch of what you’ve asked for is currently not there yet or is planned for sometime in the future. We can keep in touch and collaborate on adding support for the features you need if you’re serious about using Corteza as your new platform.

Every low-code application is out-of-the-box independent and doesn’t share data with other low-code applications. What we generally recommend is either merging the two low-code applications into one bigger application or implementing some automation that sends data around.

This currently isn’t supported but is on our roadmap. The closest you can get is either field expressions or automation (a bit of an overkill here).

Correct, it’s not yet implemented, but it is on the roadmap and adding support for multiple record pages for modules (currently one record page per module).

There is an IFrame page block but probably not what you’d like. Apart from that there isn’t anything to embed.
Currently, there isn’t anything on our roadmap to support this, but we can reconsider.

You can use implicit events to run automation before/after something occurs.
For example, in workflow triggers you can do a compose record → before update to run the workflow before the record is updated.

Currently, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLIte are officially supported. We’re planning to add additional databases based on what is requested at the time.

@tjerman thank you for your response. While we’re serious about using the platform in a paid capacity, regrettably we can’t pause and wait while these make it in as there’s absolutely no timelline available on the roadmap which honestly is very troubling. I do hope you enhance that roadmap with some actual estimates (i.e. Sep 2022 release, Dec 2022 release or Q4 2022, Q1 2023, etc.) vs a single next bucket that’s unknown. As some of those features / issues I raised are a day one for us, we’ll have to keep looking for an alternative. Best of luck to this platform!

@ericgerda @tjerman
we’ve been using multiple different CRMs solutions … but nothing is promising as Corteza.

since Corteza missing some of the main features for us (and its UI/UX not helping our team), we decided to keep it as a side experimental project till the platform reaches a level of production-ready. while we still using others for day-to-day work
by production-ready, we’re not talking about features(although it’s important!)
we’re talking about

  • UI/UX to feel like a CRM solution - building 360 degree on customer page
  • Modules relations and lookus - physical schema might help here
  • injecting our backend events with corteza event-bus
  • reporting mechanism - the current one doesn’t make sense and far behind the competitors

we like how its engineered, and that’s why we see it has future in our ecosystem