Beginner - Intagration Gateway and Workflow

I’m new in Corteza. I’m testing posibilities. I want to test the Intagration Gateway and Workflow to get data form external source.
I’ve created the Integration Gateway, but I don’t know how to make a trigger to get data from the endpoint I’ve created. Can someone give me an isntruction in steps, please.

Another question, is there any way to check the output every module in workflow. For example I will have Expression or Function and I want what was the Input nad Ooutput? To test and check data.



This is a good place to start

Regarding your second question, you’re probably talking about comparing old and new record values. If the trigger supports it, that will be available in the workflow.Đ

You could also use field expressions if the logic isn’t too complicated

Thansk :slight_smile:
I’ve managed to do it.

I have one more question, how can I return the response from Integration Gateway?
I can catch the request, do some data manipulation, and I want to return data from one of my modules.
I found that in postfilter there is a Response, but I can’t find any info how to use it.

Thanks in advance.

I made some test and I can return data. When I return single record it’s working. But when I want to return all records I get array with empty objects. What I’m doing wrong??

Hi @Wojnarowski ,

we are working on adding the instructions on response postfilter, but you already figured that one out.

Multiple output of records if still unsupported, so you will have to make the response yourself. What I suggest is using the javascript function inside an iterator and stringifying it yourself for now.