Best cloud provider for a simple setup


I am new to Corteza and quite new to Docker and other DevOps tools. I have managed to easily create a local instance on the Win10 and Windows Docker according to the video and the Corteza documentation, but I have failed when trying to do it on the GCP.

I have created a VM with the “Container Optimised OS” (had a little struggle with the docker-compose, but managed to solve it). Still, after following DevOps guide :: Corteza Docs I have only got 503 from nginx. I wasn’t able to execute " chown 1001:1001 data/db and chown 4242:4242 data/server" so maybe this has messed up a bit with my installation.

I am wondering can you suggest to me any cloud provider/setup where following the mentioned steps will end up with nicely deployed, working instance of Corteza.


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Hi @Arek,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Corteza!

We have a cloud offering available, perhaps this is the best option for a start? You can start your free trial here: Start Trial - Planet Crust

Cheers, Mia

Hi @mia.arh,

Thank you for this info. I am aware of this, but for my project, it would not be the best solution. I am aware, that there is some level of skills that is required that I simply may not have, but if I will fail, I will get some help from DevOps. I believe that some direction regarding cloud selection may be also useful for others that would like to start with Corteza.

Cheers, Arek

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