Body Http Request

I currently want to send an HTTP request to an external service, but I have ‘RecordFields’ type fields from which I would like to retrieve attributes, but I can’t. Do you know what I should do?

Example: Line 3

  "dni": {
    "number": record.values.dni_number,
    "verificationDigit": record.values.dni_verification_digit
  "fullname": record.values.fullname,
  "type": record.values.type_client,

You should know the field name based on the module configuration.

I think I didn’t explain myself well. Essentially, I thought that when a field was of type “Record Selector,” I could treat it like an object. However, I’ve now realized that it actually stores the ID of the record it points to. That’s why I solved my problem by searching for the records by that ID using the functions provided by the Corteza Project workflows.

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