Build some "Relation" inside namespaces

Hi Guys !

is possible to create some kind of relation’s using the namespaces & modules ?

here’s what will be perfect:
Namespace Invoices, inside it something like month → data
so each month has it’s set of data

note that data will be something like a module with X field, while month will be a “module” with a Date and a “data” field

reading the docs seem like this is not possible, maybe there’s some workaround to achieve the goal


How about creating a template module and copying it for every month

example module handle/name: invoice_2022_08

If you do not want to do it manually you can use Workflow functions to copy the module each month.
You would need to re-create pages as well - new pages with lists of invoices and invoice details every month.

Why would you want to split invoices per month anyway?

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sounds great, but it’s all inside the same namespace?

it’s a bit tricky, we’re in italy and we need to send all the invoices to government at the end of each month, so my tought is to split it and design an automation script that at the end of the month generate it for each costumer

but the other problem will be that i will not know how many invoice each customer will have so i’m trying to figure out how to design the module(s)…

probably i will need something like this :

invoices → month → customer → invoice
where the → means a " 1 to n" relation

why you don’t create a module called MONTH and a module colled invoice and in invoice you add a relation field that point to month module? With a workflow I think you can easily create month records and add in month field of invoices based on date fields of invoice.

Anyway probably you don’t need month module.

You just need invoice modules and you can create a workflow to send invoices.
Of course you need:
Customer module (with all data of customer, also data you need for electronic invoice)
Invoice head (with a relation 1:n with customer (1 customer n invoices))
Invoice row (with a relation 1:n with invoice head (1 head n row))