Can corteza instance linked to AWS pipelines

Hi All,
Is Corteza instance run thorugh AWS pipelines? Any comment on this would be grateful.

Melvin Moses

@melvinmoses I’m not sure I understand your question here? What is the problem you are trying to solve?

@darh I mean shall we can deploy the corteza instance to AWS cloud. And maintain the pipelines like (dev, qa, prod etc)

You can use any type of deployment tools and infrastructure you like.

Take a look at Corteza Core Repositories :: Corteza Docs and build it from source or use released binaries or docker images.

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hey @melvinmoses, I deploy Corteza with AWS Beanstalk with prod and staging environments and local for dev environment … it needed a lot of improvements but it is easy to start with (we’re planning to improve our deployment and I’ll write some findings/challenges on how to deploy to AWS)

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