Can I have a pricebooks?

Question on messaging by Marcus, on 28/9/20: Can I have a pricebook with article Apple and say 1 Apple is 3€/pc. 5 Apples is 2€/pc, 10Apples is 1€/pc? Stupid example, but still?

For the price breaks: I understand your example. It’s very clear. So, this is not in the price books module. However, you could make this work if you know some JavaScript. You would need to add a “quantity” field to the “PricebookEntry” module, add it to the Price book entry page, and then modify the ApplyPriceBook automation script, by taking the quantity in account to find the right record with the right product price for the selected pricebook. It’s this script: corteza-ext/ApplyPriceBook.js at develop · cortezaproject/corteza-ext · GitHub