Can I share records across applications?

Question on messaging by James Alan Hall, on 26/2/21: I asked this before and the answer was negativeā€¦ checking in to see if this has changed. The big limitation is not being able to share records across applications. Has this changed ? For example I have client information in the CRM, then I should be able to reference the same contacts in the Service module. If I build a customer portal then that would also need to share data with the CRM and Service module.

Records from one application (namespace) can still not be accessed from another application and I canā€™t promise this will change any time soon (if at all)

I see two solutions here:

  • you define automation scripts that let you sync records between different namespaces.
  • you define a new application (namespace) that contains all of the things that you need instead of having multiple namespaces.

We usually go with the second option when we need something that would need to share data between namespaces.