Can user download a PDF file from a template?


I am working on a use case where a user would like to generate and download a PDF report based on the data in modules and a template. I have created the template and now I am working on the workflow. Unfortunately for me, the only example from CRM is related to sending a file as an email. I have checked the forum and was able to find one case around creating a PDF file, but after my workflow ends I have no idea where the file is located or how to let the user know where to look for it.

I have a feeling, that the only thing that I can do is to use the “Create a file and attach it to a resource” function, to attach it to the row within the module (or within a special module that will hold those files) and to display it to the user on the UI in the same way as you can show the files that are updated from the UI.

As I was not planning to store those files, can anyone let me know is there any way to just display a regular download file prompt to the user, or if adding to the record is the only way to go.

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Currently, the “attach to a record” is the only way to go, but I do think we should add the feature you’ve suggested so I’ll open up a discussion for that.

An alternative approach to what you’re trying to do would be to generate PDF documents in the background (every day in the morning) and then let users download them from there (some record list) instead of generating their own.

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I think that possibility to download from record and maybe have a preview before it’s a very important feature!

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