Can we control width of columns in record list?

Is it possible to control the column widths in a record list?

Here you can see that some columns are wide enough to support the content, and some are not.
e.g. Main Rep and Reason For Decline are “wrapped” to fit the width of the cell, while Created At fits nicely.

In spreadsheet software you can decide per column whether or not you want

  1. The text to wrap (like it seems to automatically for some columns in Corteza)
  2. The cell width to extend to the longest text content in the column
  3. “Clip” the text content to a defined width

Is there any way I can achieve the “Extend column width to text” goal today in Corteza?

Currently not implemented, it would be nice to have agreed.

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@jfortun ,

WIll this be tracked somewhere? Should I create a github issue for it?

Feel free to create one, since you can provide a good description of where you expect it to be configurable and how.