Can we update the name of Record page?


I face the issue of naming the Record page,
Renaming a custom page is allowed, however updating the page of type Record is not allowed(edit button is disabled)

Example of record page title: "Record page for module “MyModule”

My question is why it’is not allowed to update the title of Record page?


Not at the moment, but we will probably support it; hopefully in 2022.3 but no promises there.

This is more of a legacy reason; the record page was some system thing where it didn’t matter if it was editable or not (changing title, description, …).
After we’ve redesigned the UI it became more than just a system thing so we are going to rework it to make it more flexible but we haven’t gotten around to that yet.


Thank you for your quick and helpful response,

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Hi @wana-raouf, welcome to Corteza!

We’re often getting this request, and it should be a trivial change, so I believe we can promise it for 2022.3. We’ll let you know when it’s done.

Cheers, Mia


Thanks @mia.arh, it will be helpful to customize our “Record pages”