Can't delete last file in a multi-value file upload record field

I am using a multi-value file upload field for file attachments to a record. After testing it by attaching a few files, I tried to delete them but am unable to delete the last one ( I still get a success message when attempting to delete it, but the file entry remains). Any thoughts?

Hmm, I can’t seem to replicate it, are there any special configurations on the module/table or anything else?

Please provide detailed steps, where and how are you trying to delete them?

Nothing special. It was a file upload field, with multi-value selected in the configuration. I had placed the field on a record page. I loaded three files into the field, then tried to remove them one at a time using the delete button. The last one would not delete, although I did get a “Success” message telling me that file had been deleted. Refreshing the record page did not solve the problem - the file still appeared in the field.

I have since deleted the field and shifted to a separate module for file attachments (allowing metadata about the file to be entered).

This leads to another question about how Corteza handles file uploads. If a file is uploaded, does it remain in the file system on the server even if its associated record is deleted, or does Corteza somehow know when a file should be deleted?

Are you able to replicate it?
Im confused since there is no notification for deleting a file.

I just tried the exact same thing and no notification is there, I was able to successfully delete the files though.

Regarding the second question
Attachments are saved to file storage, and not deleted. Just the pointer to them is.