Can't enable inline editing of records

Hi, I’ve noticed i can’t enable the inline editing for a few record listings and i’m really not sure on how to proceed, for me it’s just greyed out.

Having to enter the record and make simple edits is a pain when doing things in bulk…

Version 2021.9.8

Captura de tela 2022-03-10 165953

Inline record editor can only be used when you’re adding the record list to a record page.

@tjerman what’s the idea here?

I’m not sure I understand; inline record editing is allowed on record pages when you’re editting a record; so for example you have an invoice record with a record list of all invoice line items.
You open up the record, press the edit button and then you can interact with line items without the need to open them one by one.

You can suggest an improvement if your usecase requires it and we’ll see what we can see in regards to supporting it.

Is there a way to enable editing of a record within the record list itself? Almost as if it were a live spreadsheet? In our use case, I would not be worried about multiple edits at the same time as only a select few users would have the ability to edit.

Editing records within a record list (inline editing) can currently only be enabled on record pages.
There will be a little checkbox to enable inline editing when configuring the record list page block.

Just so I understand, editing within a record list that’s not part of a record page is not possible then, correct? Here’s the basic idea of what I’m trying to do:

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Yes this feature it’s not available. Hope will be soon available becouse improve UX.

It is currently available only within record lists on record pages.

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