Change of port numbers 80 & 443

Hi, I am trying to install production instance on server where my email server is already setup. Both are supposed to use the same port number 80 & 443. What is the procedure to change ports for Corteza. is it necessary to change something else than ports in docker-compose.yaml file for nginx. I tried to change following lines:
- “80:80”
- “443:443”
But it was not enough? Any ideas?

I have also changed domain records and router forwarding area.


Hi @pawform,

I do not have experience running an email server on non-standard ports (for email that is), but should you need to have multiple services running on same port, you should probably use the nginx proxy and containerize email server.

You can check the online deployment docs (DevOps Guide :: Corteza Docs) on a docker compose example on how to use that.