Change the currency from Euros as we don't use Euros

Question on messaging by Ben Cousins, on 11/2/21:
So I have one issue, I need to change the currency from Euros as we don’t use Euros.

I’m happy to jump into the database to do this, but I would like to know where I am changing it before I screw about in the database

I would also need to make it so the currency symbol is at the front, not the back.

hi @Ben Cousins

this is configurable in the admin panel – if you go to the admin panel and edit the module, click on the settings icon next to number type field you have this option in the 2nd tab

so instead of suffix, you’ll move the symbol to prefix

I have a quick question about this topic, and l am looking for to change to $ for all currency related fields.
Is enough to just update the tablecompose_module_field where options like ‘%“suffix”: “€”%’
Thanks for your help

I am trying to set this product up for my company, I was hoping there was a simple global toggle as well?

Hi! Right now we don’t have a simple global toggle for this, but it sounds like a good idea. Maybe it’s something that can be done with a workflow. Will take a look at this later :slight_smile:

I am unsure if I understand the question.

If you wish to change the currency ( to $ for example), just change the suffix.
The internals don’t care what the currency is, as there aren’t any operations (such as conversions) implemented in the current version.

If you wish to change any relative values (%) to absolute values ($), then the related workflows may need to be changed.

@tjerman This issue is the ease of usage of Corteza. The amounts are currently used inconsistently in Corteza, sometimes Euro sometimes $, and it is unclear where to change it to make sure it gets done everywhere. When it comes to the business using Corteza, the currency very much matters. Just think invoicing, quotes etc, you can have business in the USA doing business the Europe. You need a way to create a consistent view of the potential revenues etc.
I would suggest to have an Amount datatype rather than using a generic Number, with some currency symbol rendering options. With the Amount datatype, there should be a global configuration for default currency. In any part that create quotes or pricing, there should be an option to specify target currency. etc.

Also to you point about relative values, I think you should consider having a Percentage datatype. IMO it will make it clearer on how to interpret the number.