Chart builder - Gauge chart

Challenge: The gauge chart does not function with modules that do not have a ‘deletedAt’ field.


  1. Populate the fields with any Data source/module
  2. When you click Load data/refresh on the chart, the get request performed includes a param - dimensions=deletedAt

You can see by using the browser’s DevTools

This seems to be added automatically and isn’t dependent on the module having this field or not.

This creates a situation where you cannot use this chart type with modules that don’t have this field. You’ll receive an error.

Is this intentional or is this a bug?

Thank you.


Currently, this is intentional due to the implementation of the chartReporter endpoint, which requires a valid dimension. In this case, we can rely on deletedAt, since all existing (not deleted) records will have the same value for that field.

Im guessing you’re using physical tables and you disabled some system fields.
Some system fields are heavily used in the apps, so you might experience such bugs if you keep them.