Chart in record page and filtered by record Id

I have created an ideas module and have created a 1:M evaluations module. In the evaluations module users can evaluate the idea and provide their score for three fields

  1. Effort (Number from 1-10)
  2. Value (Number from 1-10)
  3. Cost (Number From 1-10)

I have built a chart that sums up all the above 3 scores. I wanted to add this chart in the ideas record page and add a filter to the chart to match the idea id and sum the effort, value and cost scores for the evaluation related to that idea.

How do I add this chart ?

Thanks for your help.

For reference, here is my simplified setup (I only used one field for evaluation).

score module

score module


Charts also implement prefiltering, similar as to how record lists do.
This seems to be poorly documented, apologies; I’ll provide some more notes if you need them.

For your exact case, filtering over scores from ideas, a simple idea = '${recordID}' filter should do the trick (adjust the idea field to whatever your Record field is.

The rest of my chart config looks like this:

You will notice that the load data button now does nothing (since nothing conforms to the prefilter – there is no recordID on a chart config page).
You can use a little trick and specify the filter of ${!!recordID} OR idea = '${recordID}' – if there is no recordID use everything.


Here is my testing data

And here is what I see on my idea i1 record page: