Check if user is already created in the system

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a Workflow that will add users in my application.

Before that I want to check if the user is already present in the application to avoid creating the same user twice.

I have configured an iterator to check each user entry. I know how to automatically create a user profile in my application so this part is ok, but no idea how to check if the user is already present.

My module is composed of the following fields:

  • handle
  • email
  • fullName

I have tried a gateway to check if record.values.handle == handle, but handle is not recognized as the “system” handle for every User.

I know that the system is preventing anyone to add twice the same user based on the email, but if there is at least one user that I want to add which is present in the system, the error will stop the whole workflow and not just the current iteration. Meaning that the new users that are in the following records after the existing one will never be created.

In short : does anyone has an idea how can I compare the handle in my module and the handle of a user in my application ?

Hi! Thanks for your question! It’s something I haven’t tried out yet myself, but will give it a go tomorrow. Will reply here what my result is :slight_smile:

Dear Lenny,

Were you able to give it a try ?

Kind regards.