Choose values from a predefined list

Hi there,

first of all thanks for the great application and tool you develop here.
I’d like to ask if it is possible to predefine a set of values for a given module field. I know it is possible with a record selector however, I would prefer not to create a secondary “helper” module just to achieve this functionality via a record selector typed field.
So let’s say I would like to create a field for age selector with the predefined values of “18-24” “24-30” and “30+”. I want my users to choose from these three and nothing else. It feels weird to create a separate module with 3 records just to achieve this basic functionality. Anyways I over explained, thank you in advance.
If it is not possible what do you recommend?

Select/Dropdown. Excuse me

As you mentioned, using the Select/Dropdown provides a way to define values inside the field itself.
Record selectors are generally used to link two records, defining a relationship between them