Compose repo building

Hello everyone,

I’m exploring the code to eventually contribute to the CORTEZA project on features I need for my projects.

According to the documentation Web Applications, I managed to successfully build and run One web app.

But for Compose web app, I couldn’t get the webapp to connect to the corteza server.

Here is my configuration :

'No errors'
Yarn serve
'No errors and running on http://localhost:8080'
  • public/config.js :

// Corteza API location
window.CortezaAPI = 'http://localhost:18080';

window.CortezaAuth = 'http://localhost:18080/auth'

//window.CortezaWebapp = 'http://localhost:8080/';

window.i18nPseudoModeEnabled = false

I managed to run One like this but not the others web apps.

For Compose web app, it gives me this error :

Thank you for your help guys !


Hey, please double check that the user you’re logging in with has the correct permissions.
On a fresh DB that would be the first user created.
If you’re not sure, I suggest creating a new DB and user.
Also make sure the branch you’re pulling is 2023.3.x

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Thank you very much. I forgot to update the container to 2023.3.x !