Confirmation Email Never Arrives

Good day,

I managed to install Corteza successfully, I used the older version and had to do a complete re-installation, lost some files in the process but no big deal.
I entered SMTP config as prescribed
SMTP_FROM=’“TriumphantZoe” ’

This same config worked fine with the previous installation. I do not get any errors on the logs, in fact I get conformation that the email was sent, but there is no email in my inbox - it never arrives.
I tried different email addresses just to make sure, same problem.

Hi @BerthaKgokong

Does your email provider ( have any kind of logging?
Maybe it rejects emails because they come from an unauthorised email or something similar?

One of the providers we use in some setups only allows certain sender emails to be used; another thing worth checking.

I followed the tutorial to the letter, I tried the production deployment this time that is on this page

I followed it step by step exactly, and this is what I get . . .

I mean, what I am I missing? I get that is not a VALID domain, but where must I fix that?
My .env file

General settings