Connect Corteza to Supabase and AirTable

We are planning to rebuild a project which is dependent on Supabase and the database is very big. We also some user preferences, etc. stored in AirTable.

I am interested in know how we can configure Corteza to connect to Supabase and AirTable.


@YogiYang , Supabase uses PostgreSQL you could get the connection string and update the .env DB_DSN value with the supabase PostgreSQL connection sctring, so you don’t have to worry about the db from docker

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I don’t have much information on AirTable would get back to you on that

Is it possible to get Corteza to connect to multiple RDBMSs?

Like for example the default PostgreSQL, Supabase and AirTable.


currently Corteza only supports the following databases

  • Mysql (Percona)
  • Pgsql
  • Microsoft sqlserver
  • Sqlite
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Can we have access to PgSQL and MySQL in the same instance?

If yes. How?


From what I am reading currently SQLite is supported for memory database.

It would be great if there was an potion to setup PocketBase (which is powered by SQLite & Go) along with Corteza.

  1. define a connection to some other database
  2. update module configuration to use the newly defined connection
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perhaps at some point