Connecting Database of Percona to MySQL Workbench


I have been trying to connect to database saved in corteza percona. I have given a port to percona mysql database and able to connect to database via MySQL Workbench. Now I am able to see database but that doesn’t have data which I have added. Actually just able to see Modules and Fields from CRM and Case management and which I have added, but unable to connect to data added in fields.

Need a guidance on how to connect to data added in corteza fields.

In the tables, there will also be compose_records and compose_record_values tables for the records you’ve created.

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@Ashish note that in the upcoming version of corteza (2022.9.1) the table of your modules will show up as SQL table

@munawir not necessarily, only if configured. By default, records will still be in a single table

@tjerman I thought uses-cases like nested queries, nested lookups, autoincrement numbers, and special module id(rather than recordID) would be easy and straightforward with physical schema

so, if not by default would users with default configurations have these options ?

Thank you so much tjerman

Yes I found data in corteza_record_values.

Can you also look at my other query which I posted before few days. Error in creating any chart/table/metric in Reporter
Thanks in advance