Connection between workflow & Percona


Depending to that topic (Status code 504 in workflow) I’ve a question about connection between workflow and DB.

I’m using version 2021.9.8 (latest but I see a new one is available) with percona, default configuration you suggested.

It looks we get 504 error when workflow is too speed. The DB can be down and looks not managing correctly max connection.

My question is how can we visualize live connection sent by workflow to identify if percona configuration should be changed (I see by default it’s 100 max connection, normally really enough…)

My understanding is workflow open for each process connection to DB, so if we have too much records like more than 200, DB is crashing.

My use case is to deploy CRM with 1.000.000 records. actually I could not, I try to optimize and understand what’s happened with workflow.
I tried to find some configuration on your documentation but could not.