Contacts from child parent relationships

Consider an account module and a record selector field for creating parent relationship with other accounts. And a contact module with a record selector field to link with an associated account.

On an account page you have a contacts list showing contacts that are both directly related, and also related to the parent account. This is all intuitive to me so far and working well. But I now also want to include contacts from child accounts. Is this doable in a similar way?

I’m not sure if I’m just having a brain fart but this one is really confusing me. It seems like this it should be possible but have had no luck… Thanks in advance for any insight.

We would simply use a record page list block on the account record page, with a filter to list all of the downstream contact records that are associated to the account, whether that be directly, or via a 2nd order relationship.

We also don’t directly insert contact records on an account, instead we use what we call a Capacites module to make all these types relationships between contacts and accounts.

The easiest would be to have a field in the contact that stores the reference to the parent account. This field can automatically be updated via a very simple workflow that runs on beforeCreate and beforeUpdate.


Thank you! Did not think of this. Worked perfectly.

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