"Contributing to Corteza: Building and Configuring Corteza for Development

Hey guys, I’m trying to run Corteza for competition
The repository ‘‘cortezaproject/corteza’’ has been forked and cloned locally. ‘‘Dockerfile.snapshot’’ was found in the server folder. To use it, you need to either change the addresses of ‘‘README.md’’, ‘‘LICENSE’’, ‘‘CONTRIBUTING.md’’ and ‘‘DCO’’ or add them to the server folder. You’ll also need to change the copy .env.example to .env and do the other configurations as mentioned in developer-guide. Also, change ".env.example’’ to ‘’.env’’ in Makefile. All went well, and the docker container created also connected to the database. Having created the user, I am having an issue opening the home page. I think it is an authentication problem since I checked the handles.go file. could you assist me with this issue?

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