Corredor configuration

What does the configuration look like if you want to integrate the Corredor Server.
docker-compose logs show me “connection refused” for server_1.

How do the current configuration files (.env and yaml) look when using the Corredor Server?
As the value for CORREDOR_ADDR, on the server side I have tried localhost:18082 and
localhost:50051, Both with no success.
I use version 2022.3.1 (Corteza) and 2021.9.3 (Corredor).

In your documentation you will find either examples without
Corredor or outdated with Corredor showing other errors.

Share your docker-compose.yaml file please. And please use pastebin or github’s gist.


Just a quick one – I’ll away from keyboard until tomorrow or Monday (whichever comes first :P)

try removing ports and CORREDOR_ADDR. Corredor & server docker images have default values that are should work for you.

And – a tricky little thing we still have there (I think…) both, server & corredor use CORREDOR_ADDR variable but it does not work if both have the same value (one for server the other one is for client) – so be careful if you reference the same .env file or use the same values.

Hope it works :crossed_fingers: otherwise let me know and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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It works now.
Next step will be an automation script of my own.

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