Corteza as back end? - table structure

My company has been using Corteza for awhile. They would like to build a customizable front-end in Access and use Corteza’s tables as the back end. When I looked at the tables, however, I only found one with what I thought of as a conventional field structure (the Users table, as it happens.) The others seem to consist mostly of commands to be invoked.

The only place I found my customer data was the Compose_record_value table, and it wasn’t arranged how I expected (eg all the billing addresses in one column). Instead, the records were split up into dozens of smaller records - one field and its contents per record if I understood correctly.

I have no idea how to connect something like this to Access. What am I missing? (Probably an awful lot, but any assistance is welcome!)

All but compose_record and compose_record_value should be what you’d expect.
Records and their values, because of how it was initially implemented, are stored as attribute-value (that unarranged table). We are currently refactoring this for 2022.9 release.

If you wish to connect your external front-end directly to the database, you can define a series of views which provide the data in a form you’d expect.
The view should make a left join for every field that the module has.
You can use this as a reference