Corteza for a novice

Hello, I am French and I do not speak perfectly the English language. I discover the Corteza platform and have difficulty apprehending this tool. You will definitely be able to illuminate me.
Corteza is a platform to use as it is? Or can Cortza low code applications be autonomously used on a Corteza without web server?
And if so, how do it do it?
Thank you for explaining me in a few sentences the philosiphie of Corteza in order to be able to use it at best.
Thank you infinitely for your precious and friendly answers.
Best regards

No, web applications require the server part in order to function.
We do provide an “all in one” container for a simple one container deploy.

For more information, here are our docs.
The DevOps guide helps you set it up, and the Low-Code Platform Developer Guide helps you define your own Low-Code apps.

For help on how to use the pre-defined low-code applications, refer to the Application End-User Guide.

Hope this helps!