Corteza integration with Looker

Hi there

we’ve reached some kind of limitation on Corteza dashboard and we wonder if we can integrate Looker inside corteza.

the idea of Looker is to have direct access to the DB … the thing is Corteza uses EAV data model which is not friendly for querying the DB.

one of the ideas is that create a materialized views (I’m using psql) refreshed every 5 minutes. that would simplify the query and could enable us to create indexes on the main fields to speed up the performance

have anyone tried something like that? and is there any concerns I should be aware of ?

Using views sounds like the most reasonable idea if you want direct DB access.

Keep in mind that the 2022.9 release reworks how records are stored.

  • Instead of separating values into their own table, the values are nested into a JSON values column
  • Adds support for modules to use dedicated tables

If you’re not in a hurry, might be worth waiting for that release to happen.

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valuable inputs as always … thanks @tjerman

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follow up update

Looker allows different authorization for embedding the Iframe

  • public: if anyone can view the data
  • private: if anyone has access to Looker platform can access the data
  • SSO: anyone has already access to corteza will have access to Looker

so the SSO is the way to go … the thing is the Iframe URL is auto generated from Looker so I couldn’t embed it using Iframe block in Corteza … any idea how to sole this instead of forking the frontend of corteza?

Perhaps you could consider adding a link/button that would redirect to their native app and their dashboards. Currently, you can’t dynamically set iframe’s URL

If you want to embed it and the link keeps changing – these things come to mind; personally, I wouldn’t use them, but it would probably work as the last resort.

  • Define your own endpoint which redirects to the desired link. You can use sink endpoints or some other service (not sure what’s out there). You might also be able to do it with an integration gateway – set the postfilter to redirect and make it point to where you want.
  • Define a client-script which would manipulate the HTML of the iframe to set it to the correct link. Client scripts can access the page’s DOM so you could use those. Do keep in mind that you’d have to invoke it with a button press